Skill Share

GWP is delighted to host Skill Share Series this semester! Each month, a handful of our peers will be sharing their hobbies.

The following skill share events are listed in reverse chronological order

Macramé Plant Hangers led by Oxana Andriuc

Learn the basics of macramé and make your own simple plant hanger! Over the past year, Oxana has found herself surrounded by more and more house plants. While she rarely seems to guess how much water or light her plants need, she is convinced that what they truly want in order to thrive is cool macramé rope hangers. Join her to learn how to make your own! Register here 🙂

Required materials and additional information:

  • Cotton cord or jute rope – the bigger the planter, the thicker you want your cord to be 
  • Scissors
  • Optional: beads, colorful thread or yarn, pom-poms, tassels, any other decorations you can think of!

Comics: Drawing & Paneling led by Anna Nguyen

Anna will be teaching a four panel comic class. Anna is a social worker and researcher by training and has used art as a form of therapy since se was in high school. She found that comic art was a great way to combine her love for social justice, mental health, and education. Comics have become her medium to share her stories of depression, self love, loss, and racism. She hopes to encourage participants to use comics as a form of art therapy in this class as well to find healing, joy, catharsis, or whatever else is needed in this difficult time period. Register here 🙂

Check out Anna’s work here

Required materials: you can draw with pencils, pens, etc. or even via digital mediums

Upma Cooking Demo led by Teena Bajaj

Upma is a belly warming South Asian dish! Though typically eaten for breakfast, you’ll find that this is a fast, yummy, and healthy dish for any meal. Teena will guide you through a traditional recipe. Vegetarian and vegan friendly. Ingredients and recipe instructions here.

Registration here 🙂

Intro to Backpacking led by KC Whitsett

Backpacking sounds intimidating, but it’s not! KC will share resources for making backpacking accessible for BIPOC communities, suggest essential and affordable gear, demonstrate how to pack a backpack, and ideas on how to plan a trip for day hiking or overnight backpacking. Register here 🙂

KC will also outline Leave No Trace principles for all of us outdoor explorers! 

Fast Focaccia led by Tarini Hardikar

If you’ve searched for “focaccia recipe,” you’ll be inundated with options. Instead, stop by for this one-stop, easy peezy, no brainer fast focaccia recipe. In 75mins, Tarini will guide you through a recipe and specifically focusing on the technique. So roll up your sleeves and sign up!! Registration

Basic (but delicious) Brownies led. by Elizabeth Resor

These are simple, perfect brownies. They are rich and chocolatey with a texture that is crossed between cake and fudge. They are also a great basic recipe that you can riff on endlessly. And if that’s not enough to entice you, after this class you can watch the latest season of the Great British Bake-off and relish that none of the contestants could manage! Register here 🙂

Elizabeth got into baking from scratch when she lived abroad and couldn’t readily find ingredients for comfort food (brownies, chocolate chip cookies, banana bread). Her greatest baking achievement was when she baked brownies in a solar oven! No solar ovens required for this recipe but feel free to try 😉 Google doc with recipe and ingredients

Digital Naturalist Illustration led by Nina Sokolov

Before the advent of photography, natural history illustration was used in science to document biodiversity. It was incredibly important to not just capture an interpretation of an organism, but its exact details. The total number of veins on an insect wing, the angle of the mandible, the number and symmetry of flower petals, were all necessary details required for scientists to successfully compare between species. Register here 🙂

Materials: You will need a drawing tablet of any kind as well as an illustration program. Nina will be using the app ‘Procreate’ for the iPad. Alternatively if you don’t have a tablet you can use graphite pencil and sketch paper (8.5 x 11”). 

Linocut led by Derek Popple

Linocut is a variant of woodblock printing that allows one to make prints without the large equipment needed for other conventional block printing techniques. By carving away at a soft chunk of linoleum, the artist makes a reusable stamp that can be rolled with ink and pressed onto a sheet of paper. Printmaking can supplement one’s interest in drawing and art as it allows the production of a large “run” of prints. By making a run of prints, one is able to bring a conceptual drawing or sketch into a tangible form that can be widely circulated with friends, family and the art community at large. Materials and process information here.

Register here 🙂

Painting with Acrylics led by Swetha Pola

Join Swetha for an restorative evening of acrylic painting! Together, we’ll vote on which reference image we’d like to create. We’ll also pour affirmations of rest and self-care into our creations. This space is open to folks of all painting experiences; please note that the painting facilitation will be directed towards more of a beginner and/or intermediate level. Register here 🙂

Required materials: 
– A small canvas or alternatively: thicker cardstock paper, multimedia paper, or even cardboard works!
– Acrylic paints (ideally a mix of primary colors including red, yellow, blue, black, and white) or alternatively: water colors, colored pencils, anything you’d like to create with!
– 1-3 paintbrushes of varying sizes
– A cup of water
– Towel, paper towel, or napkin

Crochet Scarf led by Amanda Glazer

Crochet your own scarf! Amanda will guide us through the steps and tricks of making your own scarf. We’ll make a Cal scarf but you’re welcome to use whatever colors you’d like. 

Required materials: Size H crochet hook, one skein blue yarn, and one skein gold yarn. Material and pattern information here.

Register here 🙂

Get your lumpia roll on! led by Clarisse Vidal

Fry up some tasty lumpia – chicken or veggie – for your dinner! Clarisse is sharing her mom’s beloved Filipino recipe. What is lumpia? Lumpia are cousins to spring rolls, likely goes back Chinese traders who visited the Philippines in the 9th century. You’ll try your hand at wrapping spring rolls and eat your experiment! Ingredients and recipe list here.

Register here 🙂

Lithuanian Language + History Led by Urte Laukaityte

Lithuanian, you say? Urte will give us glimpse into the most archaic living Indo-European language – a rare treat! We’re learn about dissonance singing and Lithuania’s history as being the last pagan practicing country in Europe. 

Register here 🙂

Cross-stitch led by April Myers

Spend a relaxing evening learning/working on cross-stitching. April is an avid cross-stitcher and has been practicing since she was young. Though the class will start off with basics, all levels are welcome. It’s a stitch off!

Required materials: needle, some embroidery floss, and aida cloth for backing. You’re welcome to come prepared with a pattern and/or hoop but these are not absolutely necessary. 

Register here 🙂

Crossword Construction led by Marianne Cowherd

You’ve likely worked on crosswords with a cup of coffee on Sunday mornings. But have you tried making them yourself? Marianne will lead us through constructing your own crosswords and answer keys using free website. Beginner and advanced skills welcome!

Registration here 🙂

Knitting led by Maggie Grundler

Two watercolor workshops. The first on January 18th focuses on watercolor basics, and the second workshop on January 25th demonstrates how to digitize your images. Registration is for both workshops – drop into one or both!

Required materials: watercolor paper, watercolor paints, paint brushes

*All attendee can be reimbursed up to $10 for supplies and materials. Be sure to save your itemized receipt that has the purchaser’s name printed (i.e. ask for a printed receipt whenever you can). Items purchased after this event will not be reimbursed. Reimbursement form will be sent after the workshop.

Register here 🙂

Intro to SEAN NÓS Irish Dance led by Sarah Jarrett

Irish/Scottish dance traditions have contributed in part to more modern forms of dance including tap, Irish stepdance, and Appalachian hardshoe. Sean Nós means “old style” in Irish Gaelic. It is a relaxed, percussive, improvisational style of solo dance with a small international following. This workshop will introduce basic percussive steps to get you out of your chair, warming up your bones from the inside-out during the winter months to come. I find a little Sean Nós dancing in between classes resets my mind just as much as a walk. I will provide a hand-picked playlist of YouTube tutorials for further practice.

Tools needed: socks or shoes with completed smooth bottoms (if wearing shoes that scuff the floor, you will need a board or mat to dance on that allows you to move smoothly)

Register here 🙂

Drawing People: What to leave out to show more led by Sarah Jarrett

Google search “Rembrandt sketches” and “Anthony Dubkovsky paintings” before attending this workshop. Both use gestural marks to bring the human form alive on the page. Students will be asked to sketch as we take a closer look at technique and then make several iterations of the same portrait, using linework to capture the movement and attitude in the subject.

Required materials: pencils (regular pencils are fine, one pencil that is a 2B, 4B, or 6B would be helpful), simple cheap sketching paper 8.5×11″ or larger (sketching notebooks may be cumbersome to hand movement).

Register here 🙂

Knitting led by Molly LaPoint

New and experienced knitters welcome! Molly will provide a pattern for a dishcloth/potholder and share resources to finish the project after the lesson. Individuals who have experience are welcome if they’d like assistance with their projects or find a fellow knitting community.

Required materials: straight knitting needles US sizes 7-9 (4.5-5.5 mm) and one skein/ball of worsted weight (4) yarn. Keep a pair of scissors handy for cutting.

Examples: needles and yarn. GWP encourages you to shop local whenever possible! These specific Amazon items are simply shared as example of the required materials.

*All attendee can be reimbursed up to $10 for supplies and materials. Be sure to save your itemized receipt that has the purchaser’s name printed (i.e. ask for a printed receipt whenever you can). Items purchased after this event will not be reimbursed. Reimbursement form will be sent after the workshop.

Register here 🙂

Origami: Tools, Design, and Execution led by Laura Hallock

Laura will lead the session on how basic and intermediate levels of origami! Beginners and advanced makers welcome. Register here 🙂

Required materials: paper, ruler (or another sharp edge)