The Zine Team

A special thank-you to all the Womxn who, in coming together, (re)imagine and create.

Gauthami Penakalapati (she/her)

Energy and Resources Group PhD student, 4th year and GWP Project Director

As a graduate womxn, I felt like my identity is confined to my academic research. This zine is an opportunity to share parts of ourselves beyond the confines of “professionalism.” I’m excited to be inspired by my fellow graduate womxn!


Zehra Betul Ayranci (she/her)

Juridical Science Doctorate Candidate, 2nd Year (LL.M.’15, J.S.D.’22)

I joined the GWP Zine to acknowledge and appreciate the womxn who are shattering ceilings on and off campus, to highlight their extraordinary achievements, to advance diversity and inclusion and to enunciate womxn supporting womxn

Anaya Hall (she/her)

Energy and Resources Group PhD Student, 4th year

Anaya joined the Graduate Womxn’s Project to help celebrate the past, present and future achievements of all graduate womxn at UC Berkeley. Through working on the ‘zine, she hopes to recognize the diverse experiences and honor the immeasurable contributions of graduate womxn within and beyond the academic community.

Tania Osorio Harp (she/her)

Architecture, PhD, 2nd year

I joined the GWP Zine in search of a space for contagious creativity, desire, hope, and reflection. I believe we can do this collectively by acknowledging our experiences as graduate women.

Shannon O’Brien (she/her)

Integrative Biology and Museum of Vertebrate Zoology, 5th year

I joined the GWP Zine to highlight womxn’s voices and experiences, including and beyond our academic pursuits. I am excited to provide a collaborative platform where the womxn of Cal can be showcased.

Haley Wohlever (she/her)

Mechanical Engineering, 2nd year MS/PhD

Researching in a male dominated field, I’ve come to appreciate more and more the tenacity, support, and contributions of graduate womxn. I joined the GWP Zine to create an environment where graduate womxn can share their experiences and be inspired by one another.

Eunyoung Cho (she/her)

Information Management and Systems, Master, 1st year

One of my life-long goals is to create safer work environments for womxn. I joined the GWP Zine as one step to the goal. I want to listen to graduate womxn and share their experiences.

Tessa Stapp (they/she)

Project Director Assist, 3rd year Political Science and Gender and Women’s Studies

I am supporting this project because I identify with the womxn experience, I was socialized as female but gender does not sit comfortably with my identity. Thus, I am interested in interrogating that intersection with art and supporting other’s musings on the womxn experience.

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