Zine Frequently Asked Questions

When is the last day to submit to the zine?

January 31, 2021

Who can submit to the zine?

All Berkeley professional and graduate students are eligible to submit to the zine.

When will the zine be published?

We are aiming to publish the zine by Summer 2021.

What can I submit?

We aim to produce a digital and a print version of a zine, so we welcome a multitude of mediums! A few examples of potential submissions below.

Print: poetry, short stories, research abstracts, musical composition sheet, photography, prints (photography, mixed media, collages, etc.), among many others! Digital: video game, short film, interactive webpage, voice recording (ex. poetry reading), music, sound recording of birds at your field site…

If you questions or concerns about your submission, please email gwpzine at gmail.com. All submissions must adhere to the Berkeley Code of Conduct.

Are there any limitations/guidelines for submissions?

General submission requirements include:

  • Written submission: Less than 1000 words OR two 8.5×11 pages long
  • Video & Audio: 5 minutes or less – if your file size is >1GB, you will not be able to submit online. In this case, please email us (gwpzine at gmail.com), and we’ll work with you.
  • Prints: File size 1GB or less

Note that the submission form only allows for one submission with a maximum file size of 1GB.

We ask that you combine your submission into one file prior to submitting. If your submission is beyond the above guidelines, please reach out to us!

We will work with you so that you can share work that’s as close to your vision as possible. These are meant to be general guiding rules, and we can make exceptions as necessary. Please email Gwpzine[at]gmail.com with any inquiries.

How will zine submissions be selected?

Your submissions will be selected by a group of student curators. The primary criteria for acceptance includes engaged and exploratory interpretation of the Zine theme: As we celebrate 150W, what does womxn mean? Now in this present moment, 150 years in the past, 150 years into the future. How do we ways speak to the fluidity of womxn over time and space?

We hope to include everyone’s submission(s).

Can I submit more than one item of work?

Yes! You’re allowed to submit two separate items. If you decide to do so, you will need to submit your work two separate times. Do not combine into one single file for one submission.

More questions? Get in touch! We’ll also periodically update this FAQ.