Graduate Womxn Zine

Vision: For many reasons, 2020 is one for the history books. On October 3, Berkeley celebrates 150 Years of Women (150W) being admitted to the university. At the beginning of this year, Graduate Womxn’s* Project (GWP) proposed a zine to highlight and document the amazing work of Berkeley’s graduate womxn. 

However, the COVID pandemic and the uprising for Black justice has reoriented the mission and vision of the zine. Today, we reimagine the zine as an opportunity for Berkeley graduate womxn to share their voice, inspire others, and celebrate each other’s accomplishments, in and outside of the classroom. The imaginations contained within the zine will incorporate the myriad aspects of the lives of graduate womxn as scholars, sisters, partners, community members, and more.

The zine will be a living project, and we welcome all graduate womxn to participate by sharing music, poems, short stories, photography, dance performances, visual media – anything you’d like to share! We aim to produce a hardcopy and a digital platform to allow for all types of inclusive, supportive, and creative expressions

Zine Motivational Theme:

As we celebrate 150W, what does womxn mean? Now in this present moment, 150 years in the past, 150 years into the future. How do we speak to the fluidity of womxn over time and space?